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Bulk Pigment Info

Do you prefer to DIY - Do It Yourself?
We now offer a selection of bulk mineral mica pigments at low costs.
What can I use it for?
There are many uses of mineral mica pigment powders.
Cosmetics, nail polish, paint projects, soap making, candle making.. and more!
Do It Yourself! Create your own eye shadows, eye liners, blush, lipsticks, foundations etc..
Create your own pretty nail colors by blending into a thick nail polish suspension base.
Powdered mica can be mixed with watercolors, inks, acrylic paints, embossing powders and other acrylic mediums.

When creating face makeup please note: Pigments are raw unfinished powders and should be blended with a base filler or other cosmetic approved ingredients to create a finished makeup product.

Not For Use Lips in USA - Green Chromium Dioxides, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Ultramarine Pink, Ultramarine Blue & Ultramarine Violet - These can be used in various cosmetic creations but are not permitted for use in lip products in the USA.
Particles & Microns:
Particles in mineral make up are measured in microns or "nano-microns".
The lower the particle size, the more longer wavelength light is transmitted.
With a lower particle size you'll get less reflected visible light and less whitening from products like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The lower the particle size, the more matte or transparent the ingredient.
Micas are found in various micron sizes. The smaller the particle size, the less sparkly the mica will be. For larger particle sizes, these are going to be very sparkly, shimmery mica.
  • Particle Size 15 µm or less = low luster, good hiding power.
  • Particle Size 5-25 µm = silky luster, strong hiding powder.
  • Particle Size 10-60 µm = pearl luster, medium hiding power.
  • Particle Size 10-125 µm = shimmering luster, low hiding power.
  • Particle Size 20-150 µm = sparkling luster and transparent.

*Pigments with a particle size over 150 µm are not permitted in facial cosmetics in the USA.




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