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Bulk Mica Pigments

Bulk Mineral Mica Pigments by the ounce.
These are raw un-finished un-blended loose mica mineral powders and should be blended with a base and/or other cosmetic ingredients to create your own finished cosmetic products. Raw un-blended mica can be used when creating your own mineral eye shadows, eye liners, blushes, foundations, lipsticks, as well as when making your own nail polish, soap making, candle making, painting projects and more!
Micas can be found in various microns or particle sizes. The smaller the particle size, the less sparkly the mica will be. The larger the particle size, the more sparkly, shimmery the mica will be.
    • Particle Size 15 µm or less = low luster, good hiding power.
    • Particle Size 5-25 µm = silky luster, strong hiding powder.
    • Particle Size 10-60 µm = pearl luster, medium hiding power.
    • Particle Size 10-125 µm = shimmering luster, low hiding power.
    • Particle Size 20-150 µm = sparkling luster and transparent.
    • Pigments with particle size over 150 µm are not FDA approved in facial cosmetics in the USA.

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